• 4 credit hours

    The student will work with a pastor in giving Bible studies and sermons, conducting and preparing for meetings, visitations, writing, editing, planning, organizing and various other pastoral duties. This will be a practical preparation for the gospel ministry.

  • 4 credit hours

    Music will be taught throughout the year and will include: principles of how to discern the spirit behind music, music theory, voice training, and learning a musical instrument.

  • Each quarter, several hours each day will be alloted for practical, useful physical work and training. Areas of work/study will include: agriculture (including conducting and interpreting soil tests); industrial arts (including an introduction to appliance repair, heating and air conditioning, refrigeration, mechanics, welding and the various building trades, including electrical and plumbing); Especially for the ladies there will be practical training in sewing, soap-making, and food preservation.


    No credit hours are assigned to this class, because it will be a little less formal. The subjects covered in this course will be done largely in a practical, hands-on way, doing things that are useful and need to be done. The student will be engaged in one or more of the activities mentioned under this heading, about 3 hours a day.

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